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Entry #5

I need a facking vocalist

2009-07-01 04:29:58 by AllAmericanPsycho

Hey peeps. I'm currently in the production of a new song, entitled Shades of Grey. It's a musical piece composed for a poem (isn't that the definition of a song? bleh), and since I'd rather my unpleasant voice to not be in the song, I'm looking for a good vocalist that I could collab with. It can be either sung or spoken; it doesn't matter much. I use FL Studio 8 for the music, so editing and effects are a piece of cake. So, here's the poem:

Like water down a drain,
These colors fade away
These feelings I try feign,
Until the world is grey

Such is the hue,
That defines my days
In regret and rue,
And in shades of grey

Your visage seeping,
Through the cracks like the rain
My reflection weeping,
As this was all in vain

Such are the sights
That define my ways
Dim are the lights
In these shades of grey

Hit me up if you're interested in the collab.



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2009-07-01 04:34:20

What range of vocalist do you need?


2009-07-01 05:08:32

im yellen domino
plus nobody i know got kille in south central l.a

today waz a g00d dey