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Am I the only one who felt bad for the creeper?

What the fuck happened!?!?

Best. Line. Evar. XD
This one always makes my day. I hope to see more antics from Satan soon O.o

swine flu XD

this made me lol several times. so kudos to you. w00t

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A very fun, and well thought out game. I like the delicate balance one has to preserve, with population and food, and also security and advancement. Really great. Took me almost five hours to completely beat, with all three endings, with the entire map conquered. Kudos to you.

Difficulty sucks

Unoriginal, and the fact that one level is completely easy, then the next nearly impossible is very frustrating. There's not any replay value, nor is it a very interesting game to begin with. Nice try.

Really fun & addictive

I like being able to make my own paths for the lil dudes to follow, and having a wide range of weapons and enemies and stuff like that. The sound can get annoying after a while, but the addition of a mute button is pretty useful in that aspect. After a while, though, when funds are nearly unlimited, and you've come up with a good strategy, you kill pretty much everything in a matter of seconds, rendering the game a little easy at times. Other that that, it did a good job at keeping me entertained. Keep up the good work.

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I liked the chord progressions and whatnot, and the builds and drop-offs, but I think the sequence and arp synths (I use FL, too, so I recognize all these instruments) were a tad overused, and lend a slightly "empty" feel to the piece. Also, some parts seemed to lack transitions. That may have been purposeful, but personally, I don't much care for the effect it produces.
Overall, though, I like how it all goes together, and the general flow of it.

So, this made me happeh...

I was strolling around the audio portal, and saw a new submission by you. Subsequent bowel voiding. I had to listen to it NAO.

As always, great work. Your songs always (ALWAYS) have a great vibe and energy to them.

I'm jealous of such talent. >=O


I'd hate to try to say anything about this great song, because it's unlikely that any words could grace it.
Great work. Superb work. There was literally nothing wrong about it, to my ears.

Also, I'm deeply sorry for your loss. It can definitely be felt in the song. Over-emotionality? What else should heartfelt music have?

This is a fucking ten, no doubts about it.

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And for good reason. Drawn well, and I'm in love with your style. This made me crack the fuck up. I love pulp fiction. haha

dommi-fresh responds:

cool i am honored to be your first kind sir.

I'm a total fucking noob. Get over it =D

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